Tube Polishing Machine: An Eco Friendly Approach over Electroplating

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The continuous technological revolution in the world is highly concerned with the environmental impact too, for the betterment of the world and betterment of the future. The same is being influenced for electroplating and surface finishing machine, both technologies are used to enhance surface appealing, corrosion resistance and enhance brightness, color and reflectivity together with improved chemical and electrical resistance. The tightened environmental legislation and impact of the respective technology on the environment has side out the cost efficiency aside and rouse a matter of its Eco friendliness.

Electroplating has been the second largest technology, employed for metal finishing in the world, which is very obvious from the reports. However, this technique uses several toxic chemicals that are absolutely hazardous for the environment. Further, in order to carry out exemplary quality of the electroplating the work piece needs to undergo several surface preparing phases, incorporating degreasing, cleaning, pickling, etching, which also require several chemicals to accomplish the respective process that also is a medium to increase the usage of chemicals that is unlikely to environment. Other than, on the advantage perspective also, electroplating is costly and does not last for long as it is a thin layer of just a few microns onto base materials. This layer perhaps wash offs when subject to the diverse atmospheric conditions.

On the other side, metal polishing is inherently “green” as it gives considerable input for the environmental preservation. This is a low cost as well as an environmentally friendly alternative to the electroplating that imparts outstanding quality surface finishing, excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, bacterial resistance, electrical resistance, whilst impart remarkable durability, better electrical conductivity and enhanced brightness, color and color reflective. The entire tube polishing is achieved by grinding the surface of the respective work piece with the help of center less technology, is one of the leading technologies used to carry out polishing jobs for round stainless tubes, bars, wire, rods, etc., wherein the polishing is achieved by placing a respective work piece between two rollers that rotates with the help of the motor to achieve polishing. As this technology does not demand any chemical, has gained considerable appreciation from the government too.

Other than environmental friendliness and qualitative surface polishing, cost effectiveness factor of this tube polishing machine has extremely intensified its demand in the several industries. You also can alter your choice by availing the same from D. R. Machine tools, is known manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the highest quality tube polishing machine at the industry leading rates, to avail it, contact us today.



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