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Hi everybody, I recently got involved in the interesting world of concrete and all its uses (not too excited for some people). It got me quite some time to get immersed in it but after learning a few things, I found out how useful it can be in our everyday lives. I’m excited to start posting some of my knowledge with all of you, and I hope at least some of you can find this information about concrete flooring solutions interesting and useful.

To start, I would like to share some interesting information about concrete flooring I included on my website and I think could be very informative to a lot of readers.

Concrete has become the flooring element of choice for architects and designers across Canada. Concrete floors are rising in retail stores, restaurants, offices, and homes around.

Whether it is acid-stained, overlays, painted, radiant floors, or a single unique personal floor, concrete floors give a range, unlike any other material. Concrete flooring seldom attributed to as cement flooring, no longer has to be boring. Now coloring concrete or implementing textures, patterns, saw cuts, and more can produce new life to this common substrate.

The main advantages of concrete floors are their affordability compared to other flooring choices. Installing a decorative concrete floor can be cost-effective, especially if you already have a concrete slab that is ready for polishing, staining, or utilization of an overlay or coating.

An original concrete floor will carry a similar price tag to vinyl, linoleum, ceramic tile or carpet. While a more complicated concrete floor treatment will run you about the same or slightly less than granite, marble, slate, or high-end wood. Moreover, the living cost of a concrete floor is very cheap since they need little maintenance and last for years.

Another thing that draws business and homeowners to concrete flooring is maintenance. When correctly sealed concrete floors can be cleaned with a pass off a dust mop. For an irregular deep clean a neutral cleaner and water can be applied. The regularity of maintenance is dependent on the volume of traffic the floor gets.

Restaurants and businesses with considerable traffic may require using a floor wax in addition to a sealer to protect from abrasion.

People are attracted to concrete flooring because of their broad color palette. Stained concrete is an especially attractive option for indoor floors because of its earthy tones.

Concrete can be so easily colored that it combines seamlessly with other components in a room – often, you don’t realize it is a concrete floor you are standing on. While stains are the most current, other coloring alternatives for concrete flooring includes painting, dying and the utilization of tinted sealers. Check with our professional decorative concrete installers to find out which is best for your project.

The following are some additional advantages of concrete floors:

They improve the integrity of the designs, they are easy to adjust, particularly if you sell your house; the subsequent owner can install carpeting or wood flooring on top of the concrete slab, they are prominent in areas with a lot of snow or sand, and they are a great option to carpet if you suffer allergies.



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