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If you install a Vending Machine without knowing what it can sell best, you do it at your own peril. Never get the impression that vending machine can sell everything fast. Visit Delhi metro stations to get first-hand information. Most of the stations have got one or two vending machines in which several ready-made items are stored and by inserting either coins or currency notes, customers can get their desired product in fraction of seconds.

But within few months of installing these machines it was amply clear that the metro management could know it well that just by installing vending machines everything can’t be sold. The short sightedness in approach has led these vending machines to look like a dumped machine box. Their pathetic situation clearly highlight that there was no ground work. It also indicates that no proper research, highlighting consumers’ preference from vending machine was done at all.

Experiences earned from vending machines installed at Delhi Metro stations clearly indicate that not all products can be sold by all vending machines.  A mistake of generalizing things must be avoided. Otherwise similar situation will arise.

It is always advisable that only popular niche and vend products, which have proven track records should be tried to sell. Some have tried new concepts and they have succeeded as well. These pioneers are a role model in the vending machine business.

Initially cigarette was also sold through vending machine but in India it is not a hit concept.  Now it is confined to rare locations only. Growing anti-smoking drive has major role to play in this. Several no smoking advertisements have been put at different locations across the country, which discourages people to use cigarette vending machine.

It is extremely unpopular as far vending machine business is concerned. The most favorable category is of food, snacks and beverages. Almost half of the business comes from this category. Gum Balls, bulk candy, toys & stickers, newspapers are other successful categories in which vending machine business has been successful.

Nowadays many vending machine manufacturers are offering machines of all varieties targeting business of all categories. Vending machine parts accessories are also available in bulk to suit the services of vending industry.

The vending machine business has a bright future if right products are sold at reasonable cost considering the preference of consumers. Get into this business but with a proper planning!



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