Visit Dubai to experience the best in the world

As a major oil producing city, Dubai when decided to diversify its business, no one would have thought that the contribution of oil would be confined to single digit in its entire GDP. Years ago the authorities took very conscious and strategic decision to invest in infrastructure. From roads to high capacity air ports, huge investment was made across all the sectors and its positive outcome started yielding huge business opportunities in the years to come.

Today the city has the world’s largest airport which has maximum traffic across all the centers which speaks volumes about its business centric approach and commitment to excel at all costs. In mid-twenties several companies shifted their regional and head offices to Dubai which offered them ample opportunity to expand and excel on global platform.

Dubai has played splendid role in the expansion of shipping and logistics industry in not only the Asian sub-continent but across in the entire world. The business in this adventurous city has always been driven by cutting edge technology and up market approach. The authorities have always been visionary in taking steps of far reaching consequences.

To promote business and attract investors, the concept of free-zone was coined and at present several free zones have been created. Each of the free zone is a cluster of economic activities specialized in that very activity. From taxation point of view, it is zero rated. You can invest and own your business 100% in these free zones.

Neither personal income tax nor corporate income tax is required to be paid, if you are doing a business from free zones. With all these luxuries, you enjoy the benefit of running your venture with the assistance of world class infrastructure facilities. Each of the Dubai’s free zone is a financial city within the city, which has its own jurisdiction. A different authority and regulator representing the supreme authority looks after every activity of free zones.

Ease of travelling, ease of communication and ease of bringing people in, are some of the most attractive points of doing business here. People generally prefer a place where they can like to live, work and play and interestingly Dubai is one of such place which promises to everyone for a high spirited and high octane life who decides to visit here or permanently settles down in this glitzy and swanky city.

Dubai Visa services also encourage tourists and investors to visit the place and experience the best in the world which the city offers to all who make a trip to this place. So, if you have decided to reach there in this summer season, make a trip with your entire family and apply for a UAE family Visa. The city has something for the people of all genders and of all ages.


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