Walk at the Camel’s Back Road: An Essential of Mussoorie tourism

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Mussoorie is an excellent tourist destination which is perfect for a wonderful vacation that every traveller in the country longs-for. It is one of the destinations that is replete of every allure that the nature has to provide. The Camel’s Back Road is one of the major attractions of the town bewitching every traveller to visit it. Pick your choice from the Mussoories packages, book the flight/train tickets and head to the beautiful town to experience and relish it.


The beauty of Mussoorie can’t be described in words. It is one of the most beautiful hill stations that is adorned the nature, which enriches its wide and varied flora and fauna. Located just about 35 km towards north from Dehradun, the capital of the encompassing state Uttarakhand, at a height of 6000 feet the beauty of the town is simply personified. The good thing is that the number of tourists footprints patching the city has been increasing. Popularized by the British, the town still continues to amaze the travellers with its flattering charm and natural appeals.


Largely seeked by the honeymooners the town is a paradise for them. However, this points nothing towards the town being only limited to the honeymooners. In fact, it is a place where the nature best combines with man made attractions and marvels, only to be best relished by all, including old and young, solo travellers and families, nature buffs and travellers wanting quietude.


The popular Camel’s Back Road is one fine tourist spot in Mussoorie which seems to be existing only for the nature buffs. The road derives its name for the fact that at the end of the road there are rocks with a natural layout that resembles to a camel’s hump. As interesting as the name of the road is, the equally interesting is a walk on this road. However, note that the road is packed by people that includes locals as well as tourists, every morning and evening. Apparently, it is the mornings and evenings in the place which are most ideal for a visit to the Camel’s Back Road. Views of Sunrise and Sunset from this road are simply magnificent. Besides, these are the times when the locals come to the tourist point for jogging and walk.


Nonetheless, the Camel’s Back Road remains a popular attraction of Mussoorie. It is about 3 km long and starts from Library Point and ends at Kulri Bazaar. There are phonies, carts, and horse rides available. The cost for a horse ride is INR 100. Trying them out is fun, however if one wants to juice-out the most out of the visit of the place, walking is most recommended. On the way there exist several private estates with beautiful fragrant garden in the surrounding. One will also come across a couple of hawkers on the way. If one is really tempted buying articles from them is not a bad idea. However, make sure you bargain. Meanwhile, there also exist a couple of good hotels in Mussoorie with tariff suiting wallets of many, located in the vicinity to the Camel’s Back Road.


A walk at the Camel’s Back Road is simply peaceful and relaxing. The views that the site offers the tourists to relish are simply amazing. It is a perfect for photography. On the way also lies an old cemetery that catches every tourists attention. It is about 180 years old British cemetery. There also exists a fine line of Japanese telescopes that have been placed there to let the tourists get a clear view of the city and the places around, such as Yamunotri, Gangotri, Nanda Devi, and Bandar Poonch etc.
Simply put, Mussoorie is one excellent destination for a vacation which is peaceful and giddily. It is simply replete of places like Camel’s Back Road and other natural bewitcheries. Pick your choice from the best Mussoorie packages, book the flight tickets and hotel room, and head to this quaint town to experience it.


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