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Now it’s time for kite boarding vacation. The money you saved up finally used for it. You researched on winds, plane tickets, lodging, riding sports etc. you have dreamed it for so long and now your dream will fulfil after a few days. But you should pack a repair kit for this vacation. And some tips and techniques which can very helpful for you to get back on the water.  The most common problem for traveller is leaks of bladders. So by using some useful tips you can save your time from repairing bladder failure.

First thing you should have a water bladder for backpack and a repairing kit as well. The pre-packaged t owlets are very small and perfect for repairing small leaks and also takes a small place in your backpack.  The first mistake most people commit is not cleaning the bladder properly when repairing. This step is very important. So when you are in a room or in any area this will help you to protect from blowing sands and dust. So before moving ahead clean the area three times.

Use tear aid type material for patching. The small patches come in two sizes which are roughly 1 inch x 1 inch. So buy it 6 to 10 numbers.  You can also buy some 1.5 inch 3.5 feet.  Finally, purchase some 3 inch and 6 inch tapes as well. These larger tape are hard to use but if you want to do some advanced repairing then you can place it in your kit box.

Some companies make stick on valves. You can have 1 to 2 of every valves which can really save your time. In bladders most of the times the valve leaks and unglued.  But using a glue for repairing the valve is not professional at all because it wastes the time and you have to wait for the glue to set during traveling.

There are some spare parts if you have a single point of inflation system on your kite which would be useful. Bring some like 6 to 10 pieces of small zip ties as well. These are used to tighten the hoses down to the nipples on many kite brands. If you lost your fancier clip of the kite you can use zip ties in place of the lost one.

So if you are a smart one then pack your repair kit first. So when you are enjoying the kite boarding and suddenly your bladder leaks the first mistake you make is to take the bladder out of the kite.



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