We demand facilities & freebies! But who will pay for these?

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people need freebies

What people expect from government

Every day we hear lot of voices/agitations demanding facilities or some freebies from government. Forgive all the loans of farmers, make plans to give food, health & security to everyone, give high salary to government employees like Doctors, teachers, policemen, officials in various departments, give or hike pensions etc. etc. We also expect government to create or improve infrastructure like roads, trains, other transport facilities, bridges, fly overs, schools, hospitals, parks, lot of other free facilities.

What Politicians promise people

Even in every election political parties promise lot of freebies. Free laptops, mobile phone, house, food, Saree, cooker etc. They do not need to think about the budget. They should think that government is not there to collect and distribute. But government is there to make schemes of people welfare, create better infrastructure or overall develop. Giving some house hold for free is not people welfare scheme.

What is the actual problem

This seems fine in first glance, as this is responsibility of government to do thing in welfare of people. But do we ever think, to fulfill all this government need money. My question is whom we expect to pay this money? Some other country!, rich people, or God? We are not resources or energy rich country so our government has very few energy resources to earn. then from where government will bring money?

Tax scenario in India

I hope now you are close to the problem. Only solution is we the people need to pay for that. But how many of us pay for that? 1.25 crore people! just 1% of total population. Surprising! isn’t it? So here comes the real problem. 1.25 crore people are paying for the requirement of 125 crore people. And not only requirement but these people are paying for corruption and enjoyments of all the MP,s MLA’s, town mayor to village heads, bureaucrats, government officers etc etc. And the fact is these 99% people have more demand of freebies & facilities then 1%.

These 99% also talk about black money but not there own. We need to understand black money is not some money colored in black but the money on which we did not pay tax to government. We always talk about few politicians or millionaires have account abroad but we do not want to talk about our money on which we did not pay taxes. Do we think only 1.25 crore out of 125 crore people earn more then 2.5 lac per year! Do you know, 2.25 crore people have car. A person not earning less then 2.5 per year can afford a car?

Is there any solution?

Is there any solution? there could be lot of but need strong people willingness for betterment of country, which for now does not exist in our country. If more people can pay taxes, if corruption gets down, if politician think to do betterment of country and people in place of try to win election on the basis of false or freebies promises. But these all are just hopes. Hope more people will be in mainstream taxpayers in near future. Burden of these 1.25 crore may be little less then.




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4 Responses

  1. MANISH JAIN says

    True I do hope that our Present Govt.will go ahead to make it possible as they’ve enough Majority in Parliament to take some real step Our PM also indicates the same after UP election.My suggestion to Govt.to ask the Tax payer where and whythey want to Spend the money.Once this system Will implement I m sure Govt has to think about it.

    • Akshay says

      true! thanks for your remark

  2. Nitin Singh says

    I love you concept and thought point. Keep it up !!

    • Akshay says

      thank you :)