What are craigslist post or cl post and how to post it?

What is Craigslist?

Craigslist is a site which has classified advertisements of various sections like jobs, house and apartments, persona’s relations, sale, purchase, required services, community, and also the discussion forum.
This service was beginning in 1995 as an email distributed list to friend’s network. In 1996 was expanded as web based service with different classified categories. Currently it is covering 50 countries and 700 cities worldwide. It is available in different languages too.
At start Craigslist was also used for adult and erotic content and dating services but later it section of erotic services was closed and banned. But outside US it is still available.

Posting on Craigslist could be done in some easy steps but to be different and reach genuine customer your craigslist post or cl post should be unique and standout from all other similar posts. To find how you can have a perfect post you can go through the link How to post Ads to Craigslist. Good title, description, images, looks and feel all are very important in craigslist post. If you want to go through the steps to follow while posting on craigslist then you can follow this how to post link.


Flagging is a facility for craigslist users; if they find any post inappropriate then they can flag it. Flagging could trigger a post to be removed. But it needs proper number of flagging. Flagging could be for over posting by the user, inappropriate contents or it is in wrong category.

Craigslist posting or cl post is good for classified posting, get some good customer and interactive with people. Other uses could be to get some work or find a worker online. So if you are internet marketing or digital marketing professional then you need to learn this skill of posting craigslist and you can earn handsome income by this way and you can get customers or users of online site for your client.

Learning process
You can find lot of other information on internet to learn techniques about craigslist but if you are a fresher and find it difficult to know about and post it then you can go for any Professional Training Institutes providing training for digital marketing and SEO. As they also provides these skills of craigslist posting in their SEO/Digital Marketing Training Package.



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