What are proxy servers?

Proxy Site is a world wide web site that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients and resources taken from other place (Server). So, with the help of proxy sites list, you can privately access blocked sites on each computer without saving the history.

In easy words, the literal meaning of Proxy is Indirect. It means these Proxies are such sites that enables you to access any website indirectly or not directly through browser. So, you don’t worry about your privacy and security of your browsing.

Advantage of Proxy Server :

1. Act as caching server to make you load a webpage faster.

2. Masking your real IP address(anonymity).

3. (anyone can add more?I’LL put here)

Disadvantage of Proxy Server :

1. All data came through this server, if this server was compromised it’s mean that all user use the server have possibility information / data theft.

2. If this proxy were located at ISP(Internet Service Provider), Campuss, School and there’s a bad employee or staff inside, it’s also possible data theft happen. And sometimes this bad guy will know you more than yourself



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