What are the Career Prospects with Certificate III in Aged Care?

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In this post, we will get the general overview of the elderly care industry, what about the course, as well as career opportunities for students after age and community care training.


Certificate III in Aged Care

Like several thousands of Australians, you may also work in the ever growing field of aged care. If you want to pursue a career in the community or aged care sector, you have to seek certificate in aged care Perth. There are many people who may want to care for the elderly citizens in the country who undertake formal qualifications. The certificate III is currently the entry standard for the industry. This way, older Australians are enjoying great benefits from the qualified and experienced people who invested their time to learn about the needs of aged care.


The Certificate III in aged care is the most sought-after qualification you need. There are different students who conduct courses these days. You may want to look for certificate III in community care or certificate III in disability care. You can also look for the chances to grow in higher qualifications like Certificate IV and other diplomas.


Course Outline

In general, the certificate III is offered through distance, blended, face-to-face and online mode. When it comes to undertake the course, you can learn to provide personal care and elderly care needs. By completing community and aged care, you will also learn to find out the differences in the environments which are culturally diverse and gain knowledge to help people with different medications. This qualification consists of four electives and ten core units and it can be conducted on 12 months along with experience.


Career Options and Paths

You can open the pathways for your career quickly after completing the community or aged care course. Over 1 million Australians will work under aged care sector by 2050. You can work under the aged care sector. In order to achieve this, government has finally recognized the way to expand the existing aged care workforce by up to 4 times of its size.


After completing certificate in aged care, you can become future ready or enter the workforce.  There are different career paths in this field, such as disability service worker, nursing, field officer personal care worker, and community support worker. You can join the network of Australian worker in the greatest growth sector and get more of it.


You can also choose to help elderly in family care. They may no longer be able to live by themselves. They have had a lot of falls or accidents in the house. Most of them want to move with children or who are pleased to take them in. You can provide aged care service in a family. You can help their family to do all the things for the elderly citizens. You may provide aged care service in retirement villages and elderly person may move in a house. This way the couple or person may live a stress-free life with your support.



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