What are the important reasons to vaccinate children?

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Kids are the most valuable gift of the God. The presence of little angels transforms human lives and helps them feel the magical creations of God. Their tiny hands, little legs and body smells give goose bumps to all. As these kids can’t care themselves for their safety and protection, so it is important to take utmost safety steps to keep them healthy and protect them from any possible future healthcare concerns.

Vaccination and immunization is supposed to be one of the essential steps to check any possible future healthcare hazard among kids. These are supposed to be the most cost effective health care interventions. It is commonly said that a dollar spent on a childhood vaccination not only helps save a life but greatly reduces spending on future healthcare.

To get sustainable immunity across the population, high rates of vaccine uptake is necessary to achieve. After thousands of hours of research, study and observation by the international medical council on vaccination, it is concluded that these are safe, effective and harmless.

They are five major reasons to vaccinate and immunize children. By immunizing children, their lives can be saved. There are several life threatening diseases which are close to extinction. Only by proper vaccination, such stage has been attained. If proper vaccination schedule is followed, even the rest of the deadly diseases can be crushed. Polio is one of its glaring examples which was once quite prevalent even in Indian society but now only rare cases are seen and reported.

Polio was so feared in India that it had caused several deaths and paralysis across the country, but the situation has improved considerably now. Scinetists, doctors and healthcare professionals have played an exemplary role in evolving these vaccines that are used across the world to keep children safe and healthy. Vaccination helps families save time and money, as ignoring immunization may result in prolonged illness and huge medical bills.

Vaccines have reduced and in several cases eliminated many life threatening diseases that killed or severely disabled people just a few generations ago. So following a proper vaccination schedule is unavoidable. According to Indian medical council, at least thirteen vaccines must be administered in children up to the age of five years, starting from their birth.

Affordable vaccine in India is still an elusive word and to convince people to follow immunization schedule for their kids, it is imperative to introduce economical vaccines. India is a developing country and still huge population lives on the minimum possible wages and in that situation only affordable vaccines can turn out to be life changer.



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