What is Professional Year Program? What are the Benefits?

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A professional year program is basically a structured program for professional development which combines both office experience and formal learning for global students who have graduated from an Australian university. These programs last for 12 months and are available in the fields of computer science, accounting and engineering and these skilled graduates are demanded highly in Australian industries.


There are different professional year programs designed specifically for the students who want to apply for the permanent residency in the country. They help students to develop their specific knowledge and industry skills with work experience and study and to help prepare them for professional careers in their workplace. The professional year programs are recognized by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and they have been approved by the government.


Why to Complete Professional Year program?

There are different benefits of professional year programs –

  • You can earn valuable experience with internship in an Australian company
  • You can improve your knowledge and understanding of the practices and culture in the Australian company
  • You may learn how to talk in a professional way in an Australian workplace
  • You can achieve 5 additional points on the ‘points test’ by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for subclass 189 skilled independent visa application.


Who can enroll for Professional Year Program?


You may want to complete a degree in computer science, accounting, or engineering or any area in Australia. You need to hold a subclass 485 skilled – Graduate (Temporary) visa with which you can stay in the country for 18 months when your degree is completed. You should be under 50 years of age to be eligible and complete the qualification over the past 6 months. Engineering graduates are also eligible for the professional year in engineering after completing their degree.



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