What successful people do on weekends?

weekend training

When you talk about weekends! What comes into our mind? Most professionals and executive including students see weekends for movies; fun, entertainment and also your house hold works. No bad involving in entertainment and social events, but do we ever see weekend as an opportunity to grow, opportunity to build career or an opportunity to grow technically and professionally. Think about it! Can you not have few hours from your weekend to upgrade your technical skills, read some book or article, get some technical training?

And these are the way to get success in your career. But question comes into our minds are where to go? What to do and how we can upgrade with latest technologies. One way is to join any weekend training where you can get training from good trainers. For a start here are some option you can opt for –

Read a Book

Buy a technology book  you are interested in. start reading! If you can give one hour per day to read a book , you will get good knowledge of the technology. Books are best sources of getting knowledge.

Join a Training Session!

Joining training is not easy and most difficult task is to find good institutes where you just not get theoretical knowledge but you get the touch of deep in the technology specific and practical oriented knowledge which could help in your job. The best way to find institute is research about the institute, its motive and trainers who provide training there. You can even ask for the complete profile of trainer. Remember working professionals having knowledge on real time projects are always better trainer as they know real culture and environment of functionality and working of industry.

Get Online Training

These days lot of online training providers are in action. They provide video tutorials from top trainers of world. Pluralsight.com, Lynda.com are few sites I found very good for video tutorials. Pluralsight.com is best for software technology tutorials. You can get almost every technology tutorials there. And they are really very good to learn. Its subscription is bit costly but worth having. I got a free subscription of it by subscribing for visual studio essentials. You can try if they are still providing that.

What are the benefits of training?

If you upgrade your technical skills and learn latest technologies then you will really get lot of benefits. Here I am trying to list few of them –

  •          If you are a student then you will have an advantage then other students of same year, when going for job hunt or an interview
  •          You get confident and have an advantage then your peers.
  •          You can easily survive in recession if you have some added technical skills and knowledge which will give you and edge then others.
  •          You can be a freelancer and make some extra money by using your extra skill you learned on weekends.
  •          In you company you can provide training to others and collect some extra points when going for appraisal.

Benefits are not limited and tough for me to list all. Investing time in learning never let  you down. So invest some of your weekend time in learning for your better future.


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