What You Need To Know Before Being A Teacher In Thailand

If you have a traveling soul this and have applied for one of the many English teaching jobs in Thailand you need to know some basic things before moving there. Thailand is a totally different culture from the UK so some insider’s advice is important.

Is the teaching method the same there?

No. Already, because you will have very few pupils, it is almost like a private lesson. And then there is a notion of respect that is very important, linked to the Buddhist religion. On the other hand, students tend to learn without understanding. Your role as a teacher will be to help them develop a critical sense without taking what they are taught for granted

What difficulties will you face as a foreigner being an English teacher?

The most difficult thing about English teaching jobs in Thailand is to mix cultures. Do not forget that there, you will be the stranger, so you will also have things to learn and respect. Thailand is a paradise destination; it must not be unpleasant to live there. There are almost only advantages! It is always very beautiful and very hot; the weather plays a lot on the morale. You will also have the advantage of having everything in the capital; there are English products, bacon, bakeries, sausage, beers and wine. There are even things not found in the UK. Everything is a bit more expensive but you will not lack any essential thing.

One of the drawbacks though that you will face is the idea that the local people do not know how to drive. It is also the third most deadly country on the roads. Taxis do not have a belt and there is no notion of road code, you have to have the taste of risk to get yourself driving there. Another thing is that Thailand is a military state, there is no democracy in Thailand, the rules are different and slowly you will need to learn them and get used to them.

There’s a big English community out there, but that does not mean that you need to stay permanently with them. On the contrary, try as much as possible to integrate yourself into the local life but relations are more difficult with the Thais. On the surface, they are very nice but it is difficult to go further and build a friendly circle. You will most definitely miss your family and loved ones back in UK. You will be entitled to school holiday but the thing is that it does not match with the school holidays in UK so you will need to manage your holidays as such that you can stay in the UK a little bit longer to be able to make the most with your family.



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