When A Belt is Not Merely A Belt

Belts are not only meant to hold your trousers in place but they are meant to add a lot to your style, or at least, that is the scenario today. While a trendy belt can add a lot to your appearance, an outdated belt can ruin the whole look for you. There are so many different leather belts to choose from, which are available in the market. These belts allow you to choose the exact type you are looking for and which suits you the best.

If you believe that only cow leather is used to make belts, you are surely wrong. There are different leathers, alligators, shark, lizard, buffalo, stingray and other leathers are commonly used to make belts. Each of these leathers has its own uniqueness. For example, ostrich leather is known for its versatility. For lizard skin, it is a delicate and strong leather with subtle lows and highs which can add extra point to any style statement. The crocodile leather belts are extra rugged but they have a beauty of their own. If you want an exotic belt then shark leather is for you. Calf leather is preferred by professional people for the polished and tender look. Buffalo leather belts are great for people who are involved in heavy physical work or outdoor sports activities. For modern corporate lifestyle, grained calf leather with an alligator leather overlay adds exceptional style. Stingray belts are extra durable and extra smooth.

In the recent trend, there is a great variety of mens leather belt straps to choose from. The basic style of belt can never be out of fashion. Although brown is the natural leather colour, using different dyes, different shades can be achieved. Thus, a natural and elegant looking black belt or a uniquely different looking red leather belt can easily be found. There are different widths to choose from but for formal belts, the width should be narrow or medium. Similarly, while the length can be as per personal preference, ideally, it should be one foot longer than the waist. Anything less or more than that would look out of style.

Not only colours but there are a lot of decorated belts to choose from as well. Studded belts have become quite a rage nowadays. Similarly, belts with spikes, rivets and rhinestones are also becoming popular. These accessories are made from stainless steel to ensure extra-long life of the belt.



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