When a delicious cake saved the day

When your loved ones come to see you from across the seven oceans, you want to offer them the very best of what your place can offer. I don’t know if the distance between the United States of America and India includes seven oceans exactly, but it denotes some other world, the West. My uncle (my father’s brother) came with family to organize the wedding reception of his son. Every member of the extended family was teeming with excitement. Their last day in India coincided with Pragya’s birthday (cousin sister from America). And my most important concern on the last day was getting the best birthday cake for her at the right time.

Taking an off from my office, I decided to take her for a movie, followed by an early dinner at my aunt’s place. Afterwards, reach home to cut her cake with most relatives in attendance. I was the one who took the responsibility of the cake. Initial plan was to go to Connaught Place (in Delhi) for the movie, have a light lunch and come back for the 6 p.m. dinner. But things didn’t work out that way; there was an inadvertent delay in getting out of home. So, the movie plan had to be reworked; a theater closer home was chosen, which meant that cake won’t come from Connaught Place.

Pragya’s mother was worried about the cake and suggested that we should get it from a nearby bakery. But the bakeries nearby were not up to the mark. I tried to make her and myself comfortable by talking about the facility of ordering cakes online. These days, many of my colleagues order birthday cakes online, but somehow I never did. Now thinking about doing it was making me a little anxious. I have always heard a few names repeatedly while someone purchased a cake online. Shopcrazzy.com was one of the websites I heard the most about and set out to check it out on my mobile while commuting to the movie hall.

Going through plenty of yummy cakes while watching the movie, I was still apprehensive. But searching for cakes for birthdays is a mouth-watering activity, I was also enjoying it. There were delicious-looking chocolate and pineapples cakes online. I chose a lovely-looking pineapple cake. While placing the order I also realized that one could also get cakes midnight delivery online. The cake reached home after 3/4 hours after the placement of the order.  Upon reaching home around 7:30 p.m., the first thing I wanted to see was the cake.

The cake looked very much like what I saw on the website. Entire family got assembled by 8 p.m.  Candles were blown, cake was cut, and as the birthday girl was gulping down the first bite, I looked at her with questioning eyes. Her eyes twinkled with happiness, and she gave me a thumps up. The cake passed the test and I breathed a sigh of relief. Treating people is a big responsibility after all!



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