Why Do You Come To Work In Thailand?

Thailand is a country that is developing at a fast pace and where expatriates who work there can earn a living and live in better conditions than in our charming native UK. Indeed, despite the wisdom that average salary is 300 baht per day. In fact, it’s the Thai SMIC. You should know that an expat legally, cannot earn less than 50 000 Baht per month. Even if a graduate expatriate can earn more than that, there are also many expatriates who earn only 20,000 to 30,000 Baht per month, but they are not necessarily declared. But there are much TEFL jobs in Thailand.

Anyone can work in Thailand?

Even if an expatriate in Thailand generally has an above average standard of living, Thailand is not necessarily for everyone. Indeed, it is necessary to be able to live in this country and adapt to the rules of life, culture, language and also to their way of working. Thailand is a country where it is good to work, but also where we work much more than in UK and generally the jobs that are well paid require a great personal investment. If you are coming to work in Thailand, do not expect to spend a holiday on an island sipping a refreshing cocktail. Working in Thailand is not at all the same life as spending a holiday in this country, even if you will have the pleasure of living in a country where people are nice, where the standard of living is much cheaper than in UK and where one can take his holidays in the sun.

Even though working here is not for everyone, there are benefits to coming to work in this country. Unfortunately there are also disadvantages. This is why many people try their chances, but do not necessarily achieve it which is not the case for seekers of TEFL jobs in Thailand.


Expats in Thailand live well.

  • Life is much cheaper than in UK. You can more easily save money by living comfortably and without tightening your belt.
  • People are nice.
  • Even if we live in Bangkok, we can always take our holidays on heavenly beaches or in the northern jungle.
  • There are many public holidays. The Thai calendar includes many more religious festivals and other holidays than our own. It is not uncommon to have one or more weekends of three days in the month.



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