Why Indians add “FREE” word with every search key on Google

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When you try to guess which is the most popular word in India? it seems the word FREE! Here people very much believe in Free things. People expect to give them something free, their friends family, neighbor everyone is expected to provide things free. But do people also like to give free? Answer will be a big NO.

Expectations from Government

People expect government will provide free things to them free water, free electricity etc. etc. But do people ever think that from where government will bring those things? It from tax paid by us only and more free thing by government and more taxes. then what the benefits of these free things?

On internet

Same applied to internet, when people in India browse on Internet they expect thing in free. Weather its Information, tutorials, music, movie, games, software or some other things people try to get free.You must have seen people searching keywords like “Free software download”, “free songs of movie download”, “free tutorials” etc etc. This is basically a tendency most of the people have.

Why we expect free?

Don’t people think that a software is written with lot of efforts and money invested and same with music, movies and games. For a movie artists who have worked hard, a director all the crew members everyone had great effort for that but then we need that free!  Can we distribute our own hard work or product for free? no never then why everything other then our own effort involve should be free for them?

Finally we should think about the efforts involved then spent some money and use keywords like  good, best, quality, tested, interesting, beautiful etc in place of the famous word FREE :)


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