Why many software programmer try to change their career in middle!

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Everybody wonder why a software engineer or a programmer try to change his/her career when he have good amount of experience i.e. 8+ or something. Some report says that computer science students who starts career a software programmer reduce till the 56% after 6 years and further reduce after 10, 15 and 20 years. Only 20-30% works as a programmer till they reach 40+ Surprise! Yes this is truth. But why in software people change their career while have good experience?

Experienced Employees

In other industry employees want to stick to their field and experience and they don’t want to move away. They gain experience and their demand and value in the industry increase every year. And this should be true in all sense as people having large experience must have good knowledge, refined skills and huge practical experience.

Software Industry

But is this true in term of software industry? answer seems a NO! In software industry when you are a fresher you find yourself helpless to find a experience and then once you get your first job you enter into a very fast moving world.  With gaining experience you jump steps on career ladder very rapidly in next 5-6 years. You get growth in term of salary and position. And then a period comes when you find a decline in growth of your career. But why?

Why this decline

Software industry moving very rapidly, new technologies coming each day and making space in this virtual world. In this scenario no one can thing of a career as your experience of one technology would lost some day because a new technology will take the place for that old technology and you will have to revive then. In that case a 2 year experienced guy and 8 year experienced guy will be on same board. But for companies there will be a difference and that is of salary demand! So whom should they prefer. Definitely you have better mature programming skills, client handling skill but as well as your salary expectations are 2-3 fold then a low experience programmer. So here comes a decline for you.

How to overcome

So if you are a programmer, how you will overcome from this career block? There are many options but here are few ways to escape this major career decline. First is to upgrade yourself as a manager or architect if you have capabilities. A manager or an architect does not affect as much by technology changes. Another option is look for an alternate of programmer job. If you have interest and skills to do a business then you can  go for entrepreneurship. You can also be a freelance developer or a consultants. These all are just an option and fight are everywhere so choose carefully. The last thing is  you should think positively and be positive about life.





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