Why NGOs are the only hope for street children?

The problem of street children has spread like a menace across the world. Street children have no shelter to live and they are compelled to spend their lives on the roadside. There is no one to take care of them. They just get indulged in some petty jobs either to pass time or to earn their livelihood. To survive they beg or sometimes also become victims of sexual abuses and other social sins.

Deserted places like buildings, parks, auto workshops become their permanent habitation centres.

Family care and protection are unheard of things for them. Society never accepts them and they are always treated like liabilities. For many, they are only anti-social elements and seen as workforce with no future.

The age-group of these children varies from five to fifteen years. Let’s discuss the major causes of this menace which are: extreme poverty, domestic violence, family breakup, unfortunate death/ disappearance of parents, armed conflicts, displacements, natural calamities, physical and sexual abuses etc.

Because of these reasons children move to big cities in the search of jobs for their survival. But even there, they feel afraid and anxious of known and unknown fear and threats. They lack education and other skills to get jobs and adjust in the society and the lack of that forced them to live on streets.

These force them either to become bully or to accept illegal means to fulfill their daily needs. In both the cases, they are presumed as anti-social elements and criminals. To guard children from falling prey to social malice, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child offer protection to street children.

Successive governments in India also have talked comprehensively to address this issue but no positive development has left deep impact to curb this social threat. NGO working for children is a big hope for them. There are umpteen number of child NGOs in India but focused and consistent result oriented decisions have been taken by select few only.

Child care NGO is a ray of hope for the children living on streets. Had these organizations not been there, the situation would have become much worse? With a multi-pronged strategy, NGOs are working for the betterment of street children. Community support, education, rehabilitation policies, residential centres and other similar programmes are actively pursued to uplift the situation of street children.

Various donations campaigns are also run to fund their education because without education no permanent solution can be found and street children can’t be brought back in the main stream. Let NGO for child welfare take the lead. You all just need to back them as much as it is possible for you.



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