Why people avoid buying online in India!

While it comes the talk of online shopping, we can think of hundred’s reason to buy online. But Today I want to write some reasons people try not to buy online or why people would not prefer to buy online in India.why-not-online-shopping

Education about – People are not well educated about shopping online. They are not sure about the sites, about the way to find there products and how to filter out products on sites. They are not aware the availability, procedure and filling form etc. So they generally avoid buying on internet but go for shopping physically.

Prices and discount – Prices n shopping portal vary a lot and you can not sure. Sometimes people find bad experience about prices and price tags. Websites alter prices to show heavy discount or other way. When the people find rate discrepancy and prices difference online and in local market they feel cheated. But this is not always right, and in many cases people get big discount online and cheaper than the market.

On time delivery - One of the most important part of online shopping is delivery on time. But this is most of the time not sure in India. I want to share one of my experience about it. I have ordered a wrist watch for my best friend wedding gift from one of the top online portal in India 13 days before her wedding. On the time of buying they promised on time delivery within a week. But after waiting a long and few follow ups I never get it and I applied for refund. I have to go to shopping mall to buy that on the wedding day. After wedding on 16th day I got a call from courier guy that your package is on the way and will be delivered today. As expected I refused the package. So if you are not sure even for 13 days than how could you buy things online which are important to you. But many times you get on time and quicker delivery.

Warranty and guarantee - When we talk about electronics or consumer durables, warranty is also a main issue with many service centers. They generally don’t provide or avoid providing service to the products which bought online. Reason behind this is simple, generally people running service center also runs store and they want people buy from them in place of online. And service is a force which drive people to think twice while buying an item.

Time consuming - It seems that shopping online is very quick and we can buy only in few click. But it is actually not. When you go for an online shop, you have to decide few things, what to buy, from where to buy etc. for each thing you have to go through different sites and review etc. In this whole process and registration, payment etc you need proper time. In case people want to go to local market and buy quickly. Internet speed is also a concern and it also effect on shopping time.

At the end I want to show till the time people are not as much aware and generally avoid buying online. But this trend is changing rapidly and people are attracting towards it. Market also adopting and growing with eCommerce. With growing internet users, improving internet network and fixing shopping sites issues, in coming days more people will be enjoying shopping online.





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