Why people of India are so crazy about cricket?

Cricket! A sport any Indian could not ignore. And you will not find any of the person from India who are not aware or have knowledge of cricket. Here everybody must play cricket on some stage for sure, even if you played it in your colony park. Even India’s national game Hockey is not as much popular as we see cricket.  But have you ever thought why Indian’s love cricket as much, why they are crazy about this sport! Answer lying in the history and the format of game. Game format of cricket is very friendly and likely for Indians. Here are some of the reasons I am listing all about cricket –


British Rule: At the time of British rule in India cricket was learned from English people. People here quickly adopted the game as Indians are very flexible in adopting other culture and lifestyle. Reason behind it is, in India there are lot of cultures and people from different culture. Indians take new things excitingly and like to enjoy new things. So when they saw British  playing a game which is like their old games like ‘gulli danda’ they easily start admiring it and playing it.

Easy and handy: Playing crickets is very easy and in India it is more easy. Here 2 person can play cricket even with a road and any type of ball. There are no fixed rules and could be altered as per your choice. We can declare a player out when ball is on rooftop or we deny out on LBW. Everyone can play cricket without any need of fitness.

Money Involvement: When you see cricketers and their big earnings, you easily attracted to be a cricketer. No matter how many people get success but if a child want to make career in sport than mostly his choice would be cricket.

Government policies: Government in India is not much careful for other sport and not interested supporting them financially and promoting. Politician also involve more in cricket because again the money involvement and people involvement. So government is not focusing on other games like our national game Hockey.

What you se what you play: New generation generally involve in the thing old generation already doing. And here there are cricket everywhere. TV broadcast cricket, radio commentary cricket, talk cricket, park cricket even our heroes are cricketer and even God is cricketer :). So if a child see cricket from his first step than definitely he will involve in cricket and will play cricket.

Players:  Everywhere you can see cricket. Sachin the great cricketer is like a God of this game in India. He have huge fan following and played this game around 20 years. Sachin is so humble and a good person and also he  great player. There are some players like Sachin who earned lot of  fame and money and that attract youngsters to go towards cricket. And due to this talent in cricket popularity of cricket is rising day by day and never stop. Cricket become a religion in India now.






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