Why we should avoid buying BS III vehicles even if bumper discount!

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two wheelers sale BS III

Automobile manufacturer giving huge discount on two wheelers. People are in queue to buy these vehicles on discount between 5000 to 22000. But should we really take advantage of this discount and buy these vehicles in a hurry? Is it good or bad idea to buy vehicles which sales is banned from tomorrow.

Before going into disadvantages of using this discount, let us first understand what is BS III or BS IV mean! BS (Bharat Stage) emission standards is a Gov of India agency to regulate the output of air pollutants from engines, including all motor vehicles. BS III was introduced in 2004 and applied nationwide in 2010. One year back in 2016 BS IV was introduced and going to applied nationwide from 1st April 2017.

Moving towards BSIV compliant vehicles will result in less air pollution through vehicular exhausts. The difference between BSIII emission norms and BSIV emission norms is just double. For a common man view, air pollution caused from BSII compliant vehicles is just double of what BSIV compliant vehicles have. So this seems a huge difference between these two norms and hopefully it will make a huge difference.

We all knows how air pollution harm us. It causes cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Lakhs of people die every year due to air pollution. So improving the norms is good for all.

Here are some of points to consider before buying discounted BS III vehicles.

For us and our family – We know that these BS III vehicle pollution emission is high. These are not good for environment. The environment where we and our children’s live. Why we want to contribute in increasing air pollution only for few thousand discount? Is this we want to give to our future generations!

What if Gov ban these from road – Court and government are taking strong decision about pollution. What if in a year or two year government ban all these vehicles from road! You will loose your money for sure and this discount will not have any advantage then.

Watch manufacturers – These all companies seems money minded and does not care of people health. If they already know the norms why not started following BS IV. Now they need time but why they were waiting for court decision. It should be a duty of them towards country and citizens. Only to save manufacturing cost they wanted to continue with BS III ! Court shown them the way. They should have start production themselves very early. Now in place of making their vehicles competent of BS IV, they are trying to sell all on discount so that these vehicles can contribute in air pollution. But we the people can fail their plan if we avoid this discount trap.

Learn from Supreme court - Supreme Court said – “Health of citizens was far more important than commercial interests“. If Supreme court can think this why we citizens can not think about our self. Do we think discount of several thousand is more important then our health and life?




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