Why shouldn’t we boycott a movie!

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Strange title! isn’t it? yes it is! These days we are  getting message everyday to boycott this movie or that movie for some reason. At start I also thought not to watch some movie because of any actor’s statement or other reason. At last I found that , boycotting a movie is not a good idea. Here I am giving some of reason for what we do not need to or should not boycott a movie.

Entertainment Factor – This is most important about movies. Do we watch movies for entertainment or to suppose or oppose any actor actress. When you buy movie tickets, you spend money for entertainment not to help anybody to earn or loss. So If you like story of any movie or actor, watch it otherwise not. Its a part of your income which you want to spend on you entertainment, not a money to do social causes.

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Who loose – If a good movie loose due to people boycott, who face loss? Only lead actor of movie? No! Producers who invested money, director, other actors, distributors, writer, singers, all staff members who worked in the movie.

Government and law about movie subject and content – It is government’s responsibility to make some law or apply it. If government is allowing a movie to release then it mean it is not bad in country welfare. Still if some or many are not agree, we can enforce or convince government agencies to stop it. Who we are to damage theater’s property or actors house. This way of stooping movies does not seem to be good. If you do not like Pakistani actors to work in India, ask your government not to allow them. We make the government so government should listen to our voice. If majority want the same thing then government will take action accordingly. Giving trouble to our own people because of  opponent country’s actors does not seem to be good.

Content of movie – If you do not like content of movie or somehow it hurts your sentiments, first action you can do is do not watch movie. Another action is appeal government or in court to challenge it. You can not ask everyone to not to watch this movie or may be many will not agree with your view. In that case there will be left and right wing and a conflict.

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Agitate against Lead Actor – Why people always think lead actor of the movie is responsible for all the movie content and subject. What about writer, producer, director and other actors. People always agitate against lead actor or the face of movie. But as per my view he is only doing what he need to do to fulfill his work requirement. If a building is built wrongly and collapsed, it does not mean all the laborers are responsible for that, but architect and contractor.

Another point is actors are normal people. They could have their own point of view. Only for some statement or view opposing them is not good. Why we treat them as a philosopher or great man. most of them are not highly educated or have knowledge more then an average Indian. So they talk as per there education and knowledge. Why we and our media gives lot of attention to these actors point of view. We have lot of other philosopher, writer, politicians to give attention.

I just want to say watch movie for entertainment and do not boycott a good movie and watch foolish movie only because you do not like someone point of view in normal life. If one actor do good acting then watch his movie even you can boycott his point of view in general. You can give points to prove him wrong. Boycotting movie may not help to prove his point of view wrong.

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