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Unless you have Bill and Melinda Gates as your parents, you will probably need a mentor who can teach you necessary business skills. Having a great business idea and understanding is one thing but the understanding difference between an S corporation and LLC, knowing how to correctly file taxes, using social media for building audience and knowledge about pay-per-click advertising is an overwhelming thing.

An entrepreneur mentorship program helps you gain essential skills that will ensure you are not stuck in initial phases of setting up business. The mentoring done through this program will help you reach right people to take your business to next level.

What Do You get in an Entrepreneur Mentorship Program?

The mentorship program is aimed at personal development and high-level leadership within structured timeframe. Throughout the mentorship program, mentees (someone who is mentored) work towards a goal and establishing personal accountability while Mentors support them through engagement and next level education.

The mentees learn business skills from CEOs who either participate in the program as mentors or share their valuable knowledge and experience as counselor or member of the society of fellows participants. The program generally includes education programs that focuses on leadership, field trips, and participation events.

How Does Entrepreneur Mentorship Program Work?

The program starts with activities that include matching of Mentee and Mentor. The platform offering Entrepreneur Mentorship Program facilitates the application and matching process and the pairs are announced at an event.

Once it is done the former mentoring relationship and activities are self-paced. During the mentorship program, the Mentee and Mentor meet face to face to one to three hours each month towards setting and realization of personalized, measurable and attainable goals. After the completion of the program, the relationship ends with the celebration of achievements.

Why You Need a Mentor?

Like every other field, mentors play an important role in the success of business. You will find many successful people in every field attributing their success to their mentors. As a young budding entrepreneur, it is quite common to fall into the trap of “I’m on the top of the world” after getting first few tastes of success.

When you achieve success on your own at the initial stage, it becomes difficult for you to ask for help; due to proudness or the fear of asking. An entrepreneur mentorship program can get you the right guidance, and knowledge needed to overcome failures and learn to achieve consistent success.

How Does the Entrepreneur Mentorship Program help?

Sometimes it is difficult for an individual to see his/her business from the outside. By enrolling into such mentorship programs, it is easy for an individual to learn finer nuances of business and the processes that drive it. The mentor gives you a 10,000 feet view of your business that you are missing.

An Entrepreneur mentorship program can help you take complete control of the growth of your business. It will help you gain fresh perspectives show you the way to work faster and smarter towards the achievement of goals.


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