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Facing unending problems of fizzy, dry and coarse hair has never been confined to a select few. Many carry such hair and for them showing their confident self, become a terrible problem. But it’s not a problem without any solution at all.

Keep calm and follow some advises and you are bound to flaunt your shining, healthy and thick hair which might cause many people envious of you.

The most important thing for such hair is its conditioning. Always condition your dry and fizzy hair. Like many of current generation, if you are also a follower of “no poo” trend, you must know that you are not doing any favour to your hair. Going through a no poo trend, you are keeping your hair away from necessary conditioning.

For conditioning the best natural product is henna which is popularly called as Mehandi. Henna for hair is a proven beneficial ingredient which not only helps in coloring it, being a natural herbal its usefulness is considered more than that. Henna helps in growing new hair, prevents dandruff and scalp itching. The best thing about henna is its conditioning property. It works as a good conditioner for your hair.

Even if you are failing to get the best shampoo for dry hair easily, go for henna care. Using henna for hair has long term advantages. Soaking your hair and scalp in oil is also good for its overall health. It’s a natural way to keep your hair conditioned. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil and argon oil are some of the best options that naturally keep your hair healthy.

Conditioner shampoos flooded in the market are mostly produced by using sodium laureth sulfate. And this chemical has alarming impact on hair and the scalp. It can dry and strip the hair and scalp from its natural oils and nutrients. So it’s better to remain away from most of the branded conditioner shampoos that are sold with tall claims but in the long term, these shampoos give damaging results.

It is always better to go natural while caring for the dry hair. Herbal products are reasonably safe for all types of hair and they have never shown any kind of side effects as well. So pick natural ingredients only while listing your items for the hair care.

Shikakai, Honey, Kanhunni, Amla etc have proved to be extremely good for healthy hair. These ingredients not only help in hair growth, they also give silky, shiny look and touch to your hair. The constant use of these products are prescribed by hair experts and if they are used for long term, natural, black color of the hair can be maintained even in and after the age of 50 years.

So go natural and enjoy a long and healthy hair.



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