World of Glamour – Opportunities and Challenges

Modelling jobs are now one of the most sought after jobs by youngsters, with a high number of students in schools wanting to try out their hands at modelling. Modelling jobs are attractive not just because they involve a fancy lifestyle, but thrill, fun, glamour and fame is something which has been attracting the youngsters to a large extent. Modelling as a career also provides models an instant shot to fame and having a good standard of living.

Modelling jobs have been on rise since past 7 years and if the experts from the field of modelling are to be believed, it doesn’t seem to be stopping in next decade at least! The modelling jobs are on a rise because of the increasing trend of online shopping, which is giving a rise to the number of online shopping portals which then start having increasing requirement of models for the purpose of showing the collections.

There is no dearth of modelling jobs since advertising and TV world is always in search of good models. However, to be a well-recognized model, requires a lot of hard work, discipline, determination, confidence and networking. There could also be stress and strain, harsh competition, tight work schedule and media menace involved in modelling jobs but it still remains a profitable choice. There modelling field offers a lot of opportunities and employment to both men and women and it extends to TV channels, reality shows, game shows, etc. Companies are constantly in search for good models to showcase their products which makes them very lucrative.

Modelling jobs, including print modelling, ramp modelling, televised modelling, etc. offer a promising career and are always sought after by institutes, casting directors, advertising agencies, production houses, fashion photographers, etc.

They offer opportunities for models to visit different locations of the world along with a prosperous career. A good model can make his/her presence felt even in the international arena and endorse global products. They are one of the highest paid jobs in recent times and though a lot depends on the experience, network and type of agency, it can be beyond expectations!

Unfortunately, due to the high demand for young models, most of the models end up having a very short spanned career as the industry is always in need of young faces. This makes the industry very unpredictable. According to recent surveys, the average time period a model is actively employed is approximately 6-7 years. This shows the unpredictable nature and the risks involved in the modelling industry.

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