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Benefits of writing on ICanPost

  1. Earn Money: We do not pay money directly but people earn by giving the link of their services or product at the end of article. Then by affiliate or referral you can earn money. You can have a link of your website in your post.
  2. Exposure: Write here to get a great exposure as a writer. Icanpost is a popular website. By writing article on it can give you good number of readers/followers. You can be a popular content writer/blogger starting from here.
  3. Get professional connections: Here lot of nice people come to read post and they are interested to hire content writer. So by this way you can connect with good people professionally.

Our Article Posting Policy

Before posting/sending your article please take care of following policies. We are very strict about our policies. We allow article on this site if it is as per policies. Also content should not violate any government rules, regulation or policy. Publishing and approving an article is completely depend on our editors panel. Any claim about approval/rejection would not be considered.

  • Article should be fresh and having unique contents. No pilgrims please.
  • One link of your website at the end of post(or in the middle of content) is allowed per post.
  • Article should not be about pornography, criminal activities or violation of government regulations.
  • Article should not be about any direct marketing activity or promoting product directly.
  • It should be informative and interesting. It should not be just keyword stuffed to complete count of words and promotion and get some back links.
  • Article should contain minimum 500 words.


  • This is a platform to publish informative articles. Do not submit articles just to endorse your products or brand.
  • Your article should be with information, to educate readers, quality content, without pilgrims.
  • Article should not filled with links and hidden product name. One link of your website is allowed on minimum 500 words article submission. No product or brand name is allowed anywhere in the content.
  • Article should not be very short. An article need at-least 500 words to explain the subject.

How to write on Icanpost

To write you can register on our site. Once registered you will have right to post on You just need to login to add a new post.  Every post will be reviewed by our editor panel and approved within 1-2 days. We expect writer to adhere to our policy while posting.

If you are not willing to register, you could send the article in plain english language directly to our editors at  Please mention your name, email-id and location with your article. After review, it will be published. You will get an email once your article is published.

This is all you need to post on Happy Posting! Keep Posting :-)




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6 Responses

  1. boss1967s says

    how to post an article

    • Akshay says

      Register with site.
      Login in your account.
      Create new post.

  2. reyanshojas says

    As per the instructions, inspite of registering in the site, we are unable to post the article.

    • Akshay says

      We are getting lot of articles daily. We approve articles only with good information/text. I can see you in users, but there is no article posted by you. If you are not able to post please send us on

  3. legalresolved says


  4. click here says

    Will have to read this post a few times to make sure I obtained everything.