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Renting ab limo can start a plethora of emotions. The idea in itself triggers excitement. What more can ride the luxuriously stretched vehicle do? Whether it’s a first or your nth time hiring one, we’re sure you’ll feel excited to the very least, and the fun heightens with great company.

While you may have already paid or reserved the best limo you could ever imagine fit for the occasion; you may just have to ask yourself, “Am I ready for the ride?” It’s not enough that you’ve mentally and emotionally prepared for this luxurious trip. You should also be aware of the do’s you have to follow, and the donuts you have to avoid.

Calgary limo services aren’t taking the fun away by expecting proper etiquette. Some rules and regulations are obviously needed but often overlooked for a limo company to continually provide great service. Here are some expectations you should be able to meet during your Calgary limo rental.

#1 Punctuality

Being on time is a value that limo services hold, which is why they exert extra effort to take routes and shortcuts in unfortunate times of heavy traffic to make sure their passengers arrive on time for their appointments, if not early.

Calgary limo rental prices are computed per hour. If you don’t want to pay extra or not get the most out of your experience, then don’t be late. You may not be able to extend beyond your schedule, especially if that specific limo you’ve hired has a subsequent booking.

#2 Respect

You can expect your chauffeur to treat you with respect and courtesy at all times, no matter what your age, gender, or ethnicity is. While your trip may include alcohol and excitement, or even a rowdy crowd, please remain courteous to your driver.

You should also be aware of the rules and regulations the limo company implements, and adhere to them. If you have clarifications or when in doubt, ask the driver politely. Don’t lose your manners in a few hours just because you feel “entitled.”

#3 More “Don’ts.”

On peak seasons most especially, services can be booked one after another. Online limo booking allows passengers to hire up to the last minute. Limos are expected to remain fresh and clean for the next passengers so avoid smoking while inside the vehicle. Alcohol is fine but not for anyone underage. No vandalism will be permitted.

Some companies disclose that they reserve the right to terminate the services earlier than expected when their rules are violated. So again, if there’s something you would like to do, keep it happy but never against the rules.

#4 Gratuity

In a limo rental, Calgary prices may already include the tip for the driver. You may have to clarify this when signing a contract. However, if you feel that your chauffeur has made your trip extra special, cash gratuity will be more than welcome. Generally accepted amounts will be less than a quarter of your rental cost.



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